Tuesday, October 8

Wemontage's Creative Approach to Sharing Your Family Photos

Last week I read a tutorial on how to organize and print years worth of photos by Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo.  Over the weekend, I started working on the project. I have the first couple of years in albums already.  I've taken time to put special events from my daughter's life in the Kolo noci album, but wanted to do something special for the pictures that I'll display in her room.

I was tossing around some gallery wall ideas with my friend Lolita when she introduced me to a company called wemontage.  I love a good photo usage idea, so I couldn't wait to check wemontage out. In an easy 3-step process, wemontage will take my personal photos, arrange them into collage form and prints them onto removable wallpaper! How cool is that?  Just think of the possibilities.

Nursery Image via wemontage
Playroom Image via wemonage
Aside form the bedroom and playroom idea; I think wemontage would be a huge success as a decorating tool for birthday parties.  How cool would a year in photos be displayed on the wall behind the cake? Or a graduation celebration where pictures from the graduates' childhood are stylishly arranged in collage form on this removable wallpaper. Again, the possibilities are endless. I have so many ideas; it's had for me to concentrate on just one.

Have you tried wemontage or have ideas on how it can be used? If so, leave a comment in the section below. I'd love to see what creative usages you come up with.
All the Best,

Tuesday, October 1

Welcome to Our Wonderful World of Books


 I LOVE books! I love all types of books. I started reading to my 3-year old from the moment I found out I was expecting and now she loves books.  I fall in love with books for different reasons. They don't have to be new or award winning to be wonderful.  

I have a long history with children's books.  In college, I worked for the curator of the Degrummand Children's Book Collection at the McCain Library. It's an amazing collection of over  160,000 volumes dating from 1530 to the present. 

 Last year, I got the opportunity to work for Square Books Jr. in Oxford, Mississippi.  If you know anything about independent booksellers, then you're probably familiar with internationally celebrated Square Books.  Their owner Richard Holworth is rock star and makes my job of getting books to preview super easy.

Because of my love of Square Books and the staff over at Square Books Jr., I am only including links to their bookstore. No. They are not paying me to do this. It's important for me to support Independent booksellers and local businesses as much as possible. 

Before we get to the books, I'd like to say a special thank you to Jill who manages Square Books Jr. and does the best blues story time in the south, and Leita who recommends and sends books all over the world to the members of her children's book club.
Thanks guys.

Thursday, September 26

Decorating: Duck Dynasty + Bean Bag Boss

Image: Pinkeggshell via Olioboard

My sister is in the process of decorating her 6 year-old bedroom and it's all about Duck Dynasty.  I
know. Not really a kids' show. I think he enjoys watching it with his dad more than anything.  When she first mentioned the project to me, I could only image camouflage everywhere.  She was definitely going to need some help.

Pulling the plan together turned out to be really fun.  My brothers had duck decor (and Duck Head khakis) growing up, so we immediately decided to rummage through our parents' basement for stuff we could use.  Of all the cool duck decor we scored, it was my brothers' old bean bag that sent us on our own wild goose chase.

My sister immediately became obsessed with finding a beanbag for Dylan's space.  After searching the usual small town spots with no luck, we turned to the Internet for some help.  We stumbled upon the Beanbagboss.com and I thought my sister was going to loose her mind!

I suggested she go with the brown one pictured above, but she and her husband, too excited for reason, went back and forth between the desert camo,  nylon camouflage,  and the army green bag.  I had to reel them back in and explain why the gray-blue camo bag was the best choice for the space and a stylish compromise.

I ended my weekend by watching back episodes of Duck Dynasty. As I met Willie, Phil, Kay, Jase and uncle Si for the first time I wondered if any of them could have imaged the day when they would be influencing the home decorating decisions of people whom they'd never met.

Image: Beanbagboss

For more on the Bean Bag Boss and their many hunting inspired beanbags, check out their website.